On Distracting Backgrounds

Great Egret In Flight
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You are a wildlife photographer. Your goal is to make great photographs of animals in their natural habitats. Unfortunately, distractions are inevitable. That said, a wildlife photographer must work in earnest to minimize or eliminate distracting backgrounds. Sometimes it is as simple as taking a single step to the left or right. Sometimes the process of elimination is more complicated than that. Still, there are times when it is simply impossible. What can you do? Take a step to the left or right. Use an observation post if available. Lie on the ground or squat down low if possible. Be patient. These are some of the steps you can take to avoid distracting backgrounds. There are times when none of this will work. There are times when you are better off waiting for the next opportunity. Sometimes it’s best to move on to the next subject or wait for the next opportunity.

In a nutshell, here are some distracting background scenarios to avoid while on location:

  1. Overly-busy backgrounds
  2. trees and low-hanging branches
  3. vegetative backgrounds with patterns and or colors that camouflage your subject
  4. poles, posts, and other structures behind your subject’s head.

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